2020 Interim Ministry Schedule Strategy

2020 Interim Ministry Schedule Strategy

Weekly Posts

Beginning this Sunday, March 22, we will provide five daily resources for you. We will discuss each of these posts more in a moment, but first I want to overview them for you.

Sunday at 10am - Worship & the Word [video]

"Sunday at Home” Worship flow

  • Teaching time
    • Start a series on the Lord’s Prayer.
    • Facebook Live from my new Pastor Lane public page.
      • IF you have not “Liked" and “Followed” the page, I want to ask you to do that today.
      • After the videos are live, they will be uploaded to my Vimeo channel for storage and future reference.

There is no replacement for gathered worship or community. We may be in a season of “social distancing”, but we will remain “spiritual together-ness”. Distance and separation cannot steal what the Spirit and Word creates. 

Monday at 11am - “BE the Church” REALM post

  • “Equip LifePoint for life…together during this season."

Tuesday at 11am - Prayer Update (Info) REALM post

  • We have 2 Prayer Lists that we are updating daily:
    • Ongoing LifePoint Prayer List for homebound, quarantined & sick with COVID-19
    • Impact Partners

WHEN to contact: Contact us IF…

  • You become ill - quarantined because of exposure, OR
  • If you have any need of prayer or ministry, or physical need that we can help you meet.

Wednesday at 11am - Community Ministry

Thursday at 11am  - Sunday "Let's Get Together" Resources 
Ministry never stops because needs don't go away. Let's each seek to remain faithful to "live as we’ve been loved”. 

Where will we find these resources?

  • LifePoint's Home Page will provide one click links to Realm on each day’s posting. The only exception to this is Sunday (Worship & Teaching) and Thursday’s “What’s Happening Update” will be publicly available on LifePoint's website.
  • Due to the nature of the content, Monday’s “BE the Church” post, Tuesday’s Prayer Update & Wednesday’s KL & SL will be posted to Realm. You will be able to “click" to these from the LPC Home Page, but you will have to enter your Log-In credentials to access them.

HOW to contact LifePoint:

General inquiry or communication.

  • (417) 581-6572

Sick - Quarantined - ministry need - Contact our "Pastor Care Line"

  • (417) 501-6572 (call / text)


    • Please continue your faithful stewardship and generosity to the LPC Ministry budget (general giving) and four COMPELLED campaign.
    • Give Online - look for the E-Give” button on the Home Page of our website.
    • Mail checks to us, or bring them by the church office.