LifePoint is led by an Elder Council, deacons that serve in a number of different capacities including ministry, and serving leadership and staff.


LifePoint believes that an Elder-led church is the biblical model for church leadership. Elders are called by God to serve as humble servant leaders and under-shepherds of Christ. Elders lead the church in vision and mission by the administration of resources and maintaining unity among the body. They are to feed the church by the regular, faithful teaching of the Bible. They guard the church by guarding doctrine and pursuing straying members. They care for the church through the spiritual ministry of prayer and counsel. Church members are called on by God to submit to the leadership of these leaders, unless such submission would be clearly unbiblical, immoral, or illegal. Elder and pastor are terms used interchangeably for the same leadership. Elder denotes the position of the office while pastor stresses the function of that office. Elders may be paid or not, for there is no biblical distinction or mandate on this difference. The Elders are responsible for all leadership in the church but do not necessarily fulfill every function. Elders are trained through a process of study and hands-on experience so their performance can be observed by the church. They are placed in office by church affirmation and installment by the standing Elder Council.


Deacons serve a number of different roles including leadership in disciple-making ministries, servant team leadership and community group leadership. The position of deacon is determined by the needs of the church and may be created and disbanded as needed by the Elder Council. Deacons are chosen by the Elders for service in recognized areas of character and competency by the congregation.