The LifePoint Internship is designed to holistically develop a person discerning or pursuing a vocational call to ministry (full-time, bi-vocational or tent-making; pastoral, missionary, para-church). The Internship provides practical ministry experience within the church body. The individual will be assigned, equipped, empowered and coached as they serve and lead in the church, helping them to discover and discern God’s call on their life.

The LifePoint Internship serves to accomplish the mission of LifePoint as we develop, assess and prepare individuals for future ministry. Our goal is to raise up and grow experienced leaders by using ministry to mature interns and using interns to move mission forward. Simply put: “ministry matures interns by spiritual responsibility and interns move mission forward by faithfulness in serving.” Therefore, we define a successful internship as one that will be used by God to accomplish much ministry through the intern and mature godly character in the intern. This requires a dually focused commitment for the internship.

First, the Intern is assigned an area of responsibility with a job description, goals and tasks. The intern will develop a strategic plan for the year of service. This will help clarify their role and how they serve a specific position on the team. The Intern will be responsible to faithfully labor in their area of responsibility and among the team to accomplish the established goals. The combination of bearing the weight of responsibility for disciple-making, accomplishing the tasks of ministry and working alongside others in a team-shaped leadership model forms the ‘anvil’ that shapes the intern in the ministry context.

Second, the Internship will focus on four areas of growth: the “heart” (character), the “head” (knowledge), the “hands” (skills) and the “feet” (life rhythm). We nurture their character to be firmly established in godliness through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, without their identity and worth being consumed by personal accomplishment. We nurture their mind to think in a Gospel-centered manner at all times and in all things, bringing Biblical clarity and faithfulness to full application in life. We nurture their life to mature in competency and maximize their capacity to serve from the unique giftedness and passion that God has created within them. We nurture their life to operate in faithful rhythms of missional living that demonstrate full dependence upon Christ and faithfulness to Gospel-centered priorities.

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