Pastoral Training

LifePoint trains leaders in the church. Training future pastors, ministers and leaders in the church demands three essentials: the Bible, pastors and the congregation. The Bible, God’s Word, provides authority for a leader to learn to live under and hold in order to lead. 2 Tim 3:17 promises that God’s Word is sufficient to equip the man for His work in leading the church. Second, the congregation provides the only environment where a pastor can be adequately trained. Shepherds need sheep to learn to lead, and pastors need people. Without the congregation, leadership remains benign theory. God uses people to make a pastor. Third, pastors are the only people who can provide the necessary training to raise up young pastors and ministers. The Great Commission to make disciples continues to the highest level of leadership in the church. Young leaders need experienced pastors to disciple, train and lead them. LifePoint remains committed to growing a strong congregation that loves pastors and ministers, creates a community that cultivates their growth and labors to see them mature to lead the church. The Internship and Residency pages provide more in-depth information on each of these programs.