LifePoint Church Planting

LifePoint launched in 2004 by Pastor Lane and his wife, Christin, with a vision to establish a gospel-centered, missional church. Pastor Lane is passionate about preaching, raising up leaders, planting churches to establish many more gospel outposts throughout the region, state, nation, and the world. Church Planting holds first priority of mission for LifePoint in all our strategy. We want to leave every person and place we encounter with a lasting gospel witness for Jesus Christ.

Regional Leadership Training

LifePoint began gathering regional church planters, pastors and leaders in 2006. This quarterly gathering focuses on quality training, networking with other leaders and ministering to one another in prayer. As the gatherings grew, LifePoint partnered with other cities to form a larger network. This larger network became known as PlantMidwest. Holding the same three-part vision, PlantMidwest is now in seven cities and growing. These gatherings engage men to encourage and cultivate church planting and strengthen the churches in our cities and communities.

Montana Church Planting

LifePoint entered into a church planting partnership with Go Montana in 2021 to launch new church plants throughout the state. More information on this partnership will be added in the coming months.



Send North America

More information and resources for the North American Mission Board can be found at


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North American Mission Board 

LifePoint partners with Send North America, a church planting network formed by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to plant and revitalize churches across North America. NAMB encourages a strong recruitment, assessment, training and resourcing model for planting that strengthens LifePoint’s mission to plant more churches. More information can be found at

Denominational Affiliation

LifePoint affiliates with the Southern Baptist Convention, Missouri Baptist Convention, and the Tri-County Southern Baptist Association. This affiliation enables LifePoint to participate in a broader scope of work than we could maintain on our own, including over 5,500 missionaries world-wide, theological training for pastors, social outreach work to the elderly and orphans, disaster relief work worldwide, and more. While we maintain affiliation with this denominational entity, LifePoint is in no way controlled by the denomination.